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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Apr 29, 2015

Laura had just moved out of her parent’s house, and was feeling anxious and depressed.  On day, she heard her roommate chanting.  When she looked in, her roommate asked Laura to come in and join her.  


Laura sat down and started chanting out loud with her roommate.  She immediately felt a rush of energy in her body.  She felt hopeful again and believed that she could overcome any difficulty she was facing.  


She continued to practice every day, sometimes just repeating the chant three times, sometimes practicing for hours.  She experienced profound shifts in her inner experience - more happiness, confidence and energy.  She also connected to deep wisdom that helped guide her to find solutions she couldn’t imagine on her own.


Listen to Laura’s story of what it’s been like for her to do this chanting practice, all

the changes she’s seen in her life, and how she has opened up to more and more of her potential every day.

In this interview, Laura shares:

  • the origin of her chanting practice

  • the way she proved to herself that she could create whatever she wanted by chanting

  • how her community supports her practice

  • how this practice supports world peace

  • how this practice has changed her and the people around her

  • the happiness she has found with this practice (even when she’s feeling depressed or anxious)

  • the practical problem solving benefits of this practice

  • her best advice to start this practice


Resources to Connect with Laura:


Other Resources Shared in this Interview:


  • SGI website - Soka Gakkai International (SGI) means value creating society

  • the chant is "Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo"

  • the scroll/mandala is a Gohonzon