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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Nov 26, 2014

Catherine Just wanted to be a stay at home mom for her son Max’’s first three years of life.  She knew she couldn’t get those years back, and she wanted to be as present as possible.  


And like most stay at home moms, she cherished naptime, her one chance to spend time alone and get some other things done. Max didn’t always want to nap, though.  Catherine would try to rock him to sleep, and some days, he would just look at her and laugh.  


One day, she decided to do the whole thing differently.  She took her iPhone with her to naptime and lay down next to Max.  After he fell asleep, she took a picture of them together.  She saw how much of the present moment she had been missing, focusing on getting somewhere else and being somewhere else.  Instead, she found a simple way she could always bring herself back to the present moment.


Listen to how this practice has changed Catherine’s life and the other practices she does inspired by Max.