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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Feb 4, 2015

Britt Nemeth loves photography.  To her, it’s an ineffable and heart driven experience.  She strives to not just make pretty pictures, but to capture the essence of each particular person, place or thing she shoots.


When she is taking photographs, she was deeply in that presence that makes photography so special for her.  But running her photography business took her out of that presence much of the time.


A friend asked her to the 5 day #blackandwhitechallenge.  Britt agreed, not thinking too much off it.  From the first day, she was hooked.  It took her back to what she loved most about photography and it inspired her to create her own 365 black and white photo challenge for 2015.


Listen to her story of what’s shifted for her in the first month of this practice, and check back for updates on how it’s going throughout the year.


In this interview, Britt shares:

  • the 5 day black and white challenge that got her started

  • the new 365 day challenge she has created for 2015

  • what’s shifted in her photography business as a result of her new inspiration

  • how she sees the challenge unfolding for her this year

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