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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Apr 8, 2015

As a young adult, Wendy Battino went backpacking in New Zealand.  She was intrigued when she met a group of people going to a 10 day retreat to learn Vipassana, so she decided to join them.  It was a powerful experience for her, and she left feeling very connected to the people and world around her.


When she got back home, she wasn’t consistent with her practice.  She resisted the urge to force herself to do it and instead treated it like an experiment.  She just kept coming back to it, and it gradually became a daily practice for her.


Now Vipassana influences much of her day.  She meditates an hour a day.  She uses it in her life coaching.  She started a local meditation group in her community. It has become a consistent thread in her life, and brought her brought her many gifts.


Learn all the ways Vipassana has became woven into Wendy’s life, how her practice has changed for her over time, and all the ways she has benefitted from this practice for almost 25 years.


In this interview, Wendy shares:

  • the meditation she created for herself before she studied Vipassana meditation

  • what is was like to talk again after her 10 day silent Vipassana retreat

  • why she doesn’t beat herself up if she doesn’t meditate every day

  • how studying with Thich Nhat Hanh changed her practice

  • her favorite Pema Chodron story about not being perfect

  • why she says she’s an addicted, selfish meditator

  • how her experience has shifted over time

  • how consistently meditating in a group has supported her

  • her best advice for creating a daily practice (with or without Vipassana)

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