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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Mar 11, 2015

Vivian remembers the dark years.  Between moving, changing jobs, her husband retiring and her sons leaving home, her life was turned upside down.  She knew she needed to do something different so she decided to simply stop and pay more attention.


She started with daily journaling, asking questions and listening for the answers.  She sat outside every morning at sunrise, watching the light come from the darkness so she could trust that the light would come back into her life, too.


While her practices were helping her, they came with a catch.  She was treating them like other items on her to do list, and if she ever missed a practice, she beat herself up.  She wanted to find a way to be consistent with her practices in a way that felt kind and loving.


Listen to Vivian’s story of how she approaches her daily practice now so it does feel loving and supportive (even when she misses a few days), and how her practice is an ever evolving part of her life.

In this interview, Vivian shares:

  • her favorite, favorite practice

  • why she sleeps with the curtains open

  • the practice she does before she goes to sleep to receive answers to her questions

  • how daily practice is like water (and what to do about it)

  • how she’s being called to release her current practice that she loves

  • how she’s finding peace with the word “discipline”

  • how her relationship to daily practice is like walking her dog

  • her favorite meditation app

  • why falling asleep when you are meditating is good

  • how daily practice is still changing her life

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