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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

May 27, 2015

Toni just kind of fell into meditating. Her husband had learned to meditate and his teacher offered to teach Toni, too.  The benefits were fast, clear and almost too good to be true.  


She continued to study, and soon became a teacher as did her husband. Her whole life shifted in many amazing ways.  And when she got pregnant, meditation became a natural support both for her and her baby.


Toni now teaches this meditation technique to pregnant women.  It helps them bond with their baby during pregnancy.  It can be used during labor and delivery.  Even more, it provides a valuable aid to adjusting to life as a new parent.


Listen to Toni’s story of what this practice has been like for her, how her practice has helped her as a new mother, and how anyone can benefit from this practice.


In this interview, Toni shares:

  • the benefits she found from this meditation practice

  • what happens when she tries to meditate during her son’s naptime

  • how this practice helped her during her labor, delivery and recovery

  • the trust she found in her own mothering instincts from doing this practice

  • how she uses this practice on days when she hasn’t gotten much sleep

  • why she teaches it’s about getting out of the way and letting the practice do its work

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