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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Oct 29, 2014

Tara had lived in London her whole life.  After one especially bad year (a big break-up, depression, and overworking to distract herself from what was happening), she decided to move to the coast and start again.


She had always been interested in healing and alternative therapies.  She found a teacher in her new city who taught her tai chi and she began to practice regularly.  It was slow going.  She didn’t see results right away, but gradually she began to feel better.  The depression went away and she felt calmer and more patient.


She also found her way back to creating art.  Her depression had made it hard for her to get through the day, much less pick up a paintbrush.  She didn’t develop a daily art practice, but instead created a variety of short term art practices as her needs and interests changed.


Listen to Tara’s inspiring story of how the connection she has built with her daily tai chi practice supports and nourishes all her artistic activities, allowing her to live a life of balance, harmony and creative expression.