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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Apr 15, 2015

Sky Kier was working hard in college.  He was a psychology/theater double major with plans to go to law school.  He would get up at 5:30 in the morning to run, determined to do whatever it took to be the best man he could be.


One of Sky’s professors recommended a course on Transcendental Meditation.  Because he respected this man so much, Sky decided to give it a try.  Just like everything else in his life, he was determined to do it with everything he had.  


What he found was that it was not about trying harder.  It was about finding a place of ease and relaxation with his practice.  Once he had made that shift,  he was able to start enjoying his practice and experiencing the many benefits of TM.  


Listen to his whole story of what it was like to learn TM, how it has shifted his world view and what he’s gotten from his practice over the last 30 years.


In this interview, Sky shares:

  • what his practice looks like now

  • his experience of working with a mantra

  • some of the proven health benefits of TM

  • how TM has helped him deal with everyday irritations

  • his best advice for starting a TM practice

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