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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Feb 25, 2015

Sarahjoy’s first daily practices were not kind ones.  She compulsively weighed herself, obsessed about food, and exercised all the time.  Making art was her only escape from thinking about her body and food.


She went on a solo backpacking trip.  She struggled up the trail with an overloaded backpack.  When she got above the treeline, she put down her pack.  As she looked around, she experienced an expansiveness and freedom that she had totally lost touch with in her obsession with food.


She started to move her body and connect with how her body actually felt.  Soon after she arrived home, she discovered that the movements she spontaneously did had a name - yoga.   She started practicing yoga and meditation, and she was able to recover from her food addiction.


She continued her own practices, and became a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.  She has gone on to create a 360 degree life, one where she is able to fully embrace and express all aspects of herself.  Listen to her story of the practices she used to heal herself, and thrive in the world.


In this interview, Sarahjoy shares:

  • her advice for picking a style of yoga to meet you where you are

  • why she recommends looking for a yoga teacher with yoga therapy training

  • the first unnerving thing that shifted for her when she began practicing yoga

  • how she shifted her relationship to food as she practiced

  • the importance of connecting to community on her journey

  • how the thought “I have to do it” shaped her experience

  • what living a 360 degree life means to her

  • her best advice for starting a daily practice (she’s the first guest who has shared this advice)

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