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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Mar 25, 2015

Peggy had been a stay at home mom for 9 years.  She was at a breaking point, focusing all her time and energy on her kids and none on herself.


She signed up for a life coach training program, and threw herself their recommended daily practice to notice and dissolve her painful thoughts.  But after a year, she realized that it wasn’t very effective for her.  Even though she learned the technique and could use it effectively with other people, it wasn’t causing many shifts in her life.


So she tried another practice - yoga.  This was a completely different experience.  She felt genuinely inspired to do this practice. She felt the benefits right away and continued to feel them as she practiced more.  She was so inspired that she went on to create this podcast to find out how other people create their own transformative daily practices they love.


Listen to Peggy’s story of how daily practice has changed her life, and what she has learned about creating a daily practice from all the people she has interviewed.


In this interview, Peggy shares:

  • the three questions to ask to see if a practice is working for you

  • her favorite analogy to think about daily practice

  • how many days to try a practice to see if it resonates with you

  • the number of days is really takes to form a habit

  • guidelines for checking in with yourself about your practice

  • how much time you need every day to start a daily practice

  • what it’s like to feel inspired to start a new practice

  • the value of connecting with a group when you start a practice

  • the benefits of having multiple practices

  • her best advice to start a daily practice

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