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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jun 18, 2014

Like most people, Natanya found being a parent challenging.  While she had wonderful intentions for how she wanted to parent her two sons, she would find herself triggered and not able to hold to those intentions.  Add in a major crisis in her marriage, and she wasn’t able to be the present, calm, confident parent that she wanted to be.

She started unintentionally adding simple practices to her day.  She took a course in metta (lovingkindness) meditation.  A friend taught her a short yoga routine she could fit into spare moments of the day.  When the days seemed too much to face, she developed a simple gratitude practice to start her day and shift her energy to a more positive place before her feet even hit the floor.

Eventually, she saw the power of these daily practices, and consciously made them a regular part of her day.  She also developed practices she could call on as needed during the day as she felt drained or challenged.  She also was able to use some of these practices with her sons to help them move through their challenging times with more ease.

Natanya sees parenting as an intensive (exhausting) spiritual journey, should we choose to accept it.  She lives this now through her life as a parent, her personal practices and her work as certified Parenting Coach, supporting other mamas in being present, calm and confident in their parenting.