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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jun 11, 2014

It all started with one decision - “I don’t want this anymore.   I won’t let this happen anymore.”  Michelle was a freshman at university.  She kept all sorts of odd hours, hardly ever went out in the sunlight and didn’t eat well.  She had a hard time even getting out of bed every day.  She was seriously depressed.  


But once she made that decision, things started to change.  She decided to create a list every day of the things she was going to get done, no matter what.  Her first list - “wake up and brush my teeth.”  That’s it.  But after the haphazard way she had been living, that felt challenging and important - challenging to make even that small of a commitment to her own well-being, and important to following through on her decision to change.


A few days later, after brushing her teeth became easy, she dropped that from the list and added taking a shower.  And once that became easy, she added eating breakfast within two hours of waking up.  Slowly and steadily, Michelle came out of her depression.  She found more and more healthy habits and successfully integrated them into her daily routine.  She eventually studied to become a Certified Natural Health and Wellness Coach and now supports women in using this approach to find and follow through on the changes they need to live their best, most healthy lives.


Michelle shares her whole story of going from a depressed university student to a successful business owner and coach who is continually growing and expanding and following her dreams.  She also shares her system to find your highest priority right now and how to develop your own “get it done” list so you can build the life of your dreams, one day at a time.