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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Aug 27, 2014

Melani started writing lists when she was 12. Between being diagnosed with severe scoliosis and entering adolescence, she needed something to feel like she had some control in her life.  That’s how her daily practice began.


She gradually shifted from lists to journaling. She would take time for lots of physical movement - swimming, skiing, riding horses.  When she had to wear a cast for a year after surgery, she added singing and playing the guitar to help her express all the feelings she was going through.


When she became a single mother of three, she swam and meditated every day as a way to support herself.  She developed a walking practice to be present in her body and receive the answers to the continual questions she asks.  She learned a powerful energy technique that cleared her PTSD and allowed her to finally live without continual anxiety.


Melani’s daily practice journey has been an amazing, unfolding process of connecting to herself over and over again, in new and different ways as she has changed and grown over the years.  Listen as she describes all the different practices she has used, and how they all follow the same thread - an ever deepening connection to herself.