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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

May 28, 2014

In June 2013, Laurie Foley was 11 months into her journey with ovarian cancer.  She thought she would have been done with the treatment by then.  She was bored and frustrated with the chemo and surgeries and found that her faith had been challenged by her whole experience.  She describes it as being on a canoe trip and being in the middle of a long, flat lake - nothing to do but to keep paddling with no sense of being carried and no end in sight.  She wanted to know, "Where was God in all this?  Where was God on this long, flat lake?"

She got an inspiration to write a meditation a day for a month - to sit and listen and write.  That sounded good.  Her faith had been an important part of her life for a long time and she loved writing her blog for her business.  And then she got the inspiration to share it on Facebook.  While she had shared her writing for her business and even a blog about her experiences with cancer, she wasn't sure about sharing something so deep and personal about her doubts and fears about God and her whole connection to him.

Guided by her intuition or God (she wasn't sure what to call it), she spent time every day in July sitting quietly, contemplating what was coming up, writing it out and sharing it on Facebook.  Listen as she shares what she learned (and it wasn't what she expected) and how the experience is still with her today.