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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Apr 28, 2014

Kirk read the book Talent is Overrated last year, and it changed his life.  He had always believed that he was naturally good at some things (puzzles, problem solving) and not very good at some other things (piano, golf).  What he read changed his perspective forever.  Getting better at an activity depends on practicing in a certain deliberate way, not on your initial abilities.

Kirk set out to test this idea.  He had been practicing piano, always on the verge of quitting, expecting to never make much progress.  He worked with his piano teacher to break down his practice in a new way, and he had a major breakthrough in his ability to play.  Now, his morning piano practice is his daily meditation, and he notices his day isn't quite the same when he misses that time.

Kirk was inspired to continue his experiments, deliberately practicing golf, programming and now, starting his own business as the Coding Handyman.  Listen as Kirk shares how he has come to love his daily practices and all the transformations he has experienced from them.