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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jan 7, 2015


Kelly didn't really realize how important quiet time in the morning was to her.  Before she had children, she lived and worked in London and had at least an hour of quiet time to herself every morning. Even on the underground, she would have her eyes closed or bury herself deep in a book.


Then she had her first baby. She was not prepared for that sudden lack of quiet morning time before she had to be with other people. Waking up each morning and jumping into mommy mode was incredibly challenging for Kelly.


Gradually, Kelly found her way back to that quiet morning time. At first, it was just on the weekends when her husband let her sleep in and have some extra time to herself. Then she challenged herself to take 15 minutes before her kids got up to set herself up for the best day possible. Building on that success, Kelly has even found other ways to add daily practices to her busy life.

Today Kelly has a morning practice she can't imagine living without. It’s developed slowly over time and continues to change and evolve. Listen to Kelly’s story of all the ways she incorporates daily practice into her life and what it has come to mean to her and her family.