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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jun 25, 2014

Kamali was having a hard time connecting with her partner in bed.  She wasn’t getting the intimacy, connection and depth she wanted, and she wasn’t able to find a way through it.  She heard a tantra teacher speak about how tantra embraces everything, including sexuality, and something unlocked in Kamali - she knew this was something she wanted to pursue.

She started with a home study course, learning the tantric meditations and practicing them at home on her own.  She started feeling the changes in her body and she knew she wanted more.  She and her partner learned practices they did together, and were able to break through their personal blocks to connect more deeply to themselves and to each other. 

Life got challenging and Kamali came to see all the strengths she had gained from these practices: the strength to stay with her challenging emotions, the courage to become more of her authentic self, and the trust that nothing wrong was happening.

After learning and living these tantric practices, she is now stepping to the role of tantra teacher herself, holding space for others to return to the love inside themselves.  She continues to use her tantric practices to support herself as she grows and expands to take on this new, more authentic life.