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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jul 30, 2014

Jesse decided to travel the world for a year.  He wanted freedom and adventure and to get out of his own little world.  Unexpectedly, after a few months, he got bored.  It wasn’t that beautiful fantasy of traveling the world and finding himself.  Instead, he was listless and unfocused.


At first, he found some other travelers who were listless and bored, too.  They drank beers together and got to be right about how travelling the world wasn’t so great after all.  That was fun for about a day.  Then Jesse realized that if he stayed with these people, that would be all they would do.


So instead, he bought a ticket to Tibet.  He met some people who travelled in a different way - engaging with the local people and not following the tourist track.  And he started to have experiences that were deeply moving to him.  Approaching travel in this different way helped him find what he really wanted - a way of being fully engaged and connected to the world around him.


Jesse continues to travel with this attitude of practice, as well as lead groups of people on trips so they can connect with the experience of travel in a new way.  He also shares how this approach to travel has changed his whole life, not just his time away from home.