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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jul 23, 2014

Jen started her daily practice by looking at her thoughts every day.  That was interesting for awhile.  Then she learned another practice that focused more on noticing what she was feeling and then choosing how she wanted to feel instead.  This sparked something in her.  She began to focus first on her feelings, and she found it was a more powerful experience for her.


But her practice didn’t stop there.  After awhile, she realized it was still very mind oriented.  She took a mind/body coach training program that emphasized connecting to the actual sensations and feelings in the body.  This inspired the next shift in her practice - to identify what she was feeling and deliberately sit with those feelings, loving them just as they were in the moment without trying to change them.  Instead of her practice being based in her mind, it was now a full mind/body experience.


She still felt resistance to sitting down every morning with herself, because she didn’t always want to experience her irritation or agitation.  But then she had another shift - she identified the feelings she wanted to experience from her daily practice.  Knowing the power of those feelings and knowing her practice would bring her to that place, now she is eager to sit down every day.

Jen shares her inspired way of working with her feelings, and tells how her practice has evolved and deepened over time to help her create her own magical, blissful, not always perfect life.