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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Feb 11, 2015

Heather couldn’t find a way to heal from a cystic tumor on her ovary.  She had it surgically removed, but her symptoms still persisted.  She tried alternative medicine, and she still had no relief.  


She met a woman who had been to see John of God, a healer in Brazil who channels the spirits of past doctors and saints.  Immediately, Heather knew she had to go.  She spent over two weeks in Brazil.  By the time she left, her physical symptoms were gone.


And she had started on her spiritual path.  She began meditating regularly, moved to Hawaii and wrote her first book.  As she continued on her path, she found daily practices were a vital part of her exploration and expansion.  


Listen to Heather’s story of how she found and followed her spiritual path, the practices she has used along the way, and how she now helps others to find their own paths as well.  Be sure to listen to the guided meditation she shares to activate your destiny in 2015 (the link is below).


In this interview, Heather shares:

  • the details of her first experience with John of God

  • how her life shifted after that experience

  • her favorite practice to hone in and enhance her intuition

  • the questions Heather asks herself every day as part of her daily practice

  • the details of her second visit with John of God

  • her current morning practices

  • what happens when she guided to make changes in her practices

  • the one non negotiable practice for her

  • a description of her guided meditation to activate your destiny in 2015

Resources to Connect with Heather:

Other Resources Shared in this Interview: