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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Sep 24, 2014

Heather Rampolla’s career was taking off.  She was climbing the corporate ladder, getting promotion after promotion, working all the time.  She got married and became a stepmom to two teenage stepdaughters.  And with all this, she was living on coffee and junk food.


One night, she fainted when she got up to go to the bathroom. She ended up going to the ER  and found out that she was severely dehydrated.  That was her wake up call.  She started to question how what she was eating was affecting her health and how she was feeling every day.


She and her husband decided to try a raw, vegan diet for three months.  Figuring out what to eat and how to fit it into her busy life was only part of the problem.  She found herself dealing with mindset issues, and she turned to daily practices to support herself in facing these challenges.


Heather has totally transformed her life.  Her diet changes have brought her a new level of health and wellness, and her daily practices have brought her to a new level of self love and acceptance.  Listen to her inspiring story of how she combined both elements into her total health makeover.