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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Sep 17, 2014

Many people start their daily practice when faced with a personal crisis. Heather Chauvin’s son was struggling, and even though she was a trained mental health professional, none of the traditional approaches helped.  


One day at a bookstore, she saw a book on teaching children to meditate. She bought the book, and started using the techniques with her son. The meditations helped him, but even more, Heather found she needed meditation and it became a daily practice for her.


A few years later, Heather had another crisis - a Stage 4 lymphoma diagnosis. Her meditation practice had given her the ability to step back and get some perspective on her situation, but the new challenge inspired her to evolve her practice in new and different ways.


Heather shares the insight and wisdom she has gained through deepening her daily practice through two personal crises.  Her beautiful, solid presence shines throughout the interview, and she reflects on the difference daily practice has made in her life.