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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jun 3, 2015

Glenn had been on a spiritual path for a long time.  She started meditating in college with her roommate.  She studied with amazing teachers, learning to trust her intuition more and more.


She found herself letting go over and over again.  She let go of control and listened more to her inner guidance.  She let go of her fears and limitations.  During one particular meditation, she let go of everything and met her Divine Soul.  


It had a profound effect on her inner and outer life.  Inwardly, she experienced a deep love and connection beyond anything she had known before.  Outwardly, she travelled the world and became a spiritual teacher.  


Listen to Glenn’s story of what this process has been like for her, what shifted because of that connection to her Divine Soul, and how she is now helping other people connect to their Divine Souls.

In this interview, Glenn shares:

  • her experience seeing the world in its divine light form

  • the question she asks herself to see if something is right for her

  • her process to release her blocks

  • the moment she met her Divine Soul

  • how her life has shifted because of that meeting

  • how she is helping other people connect to their Divine Souls

Resources to Connect with Glenn:

Other Resources Shared in this Interview: