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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Apr 29, 2014

Elsie is a full time mother of two girls.  She is also working to bring her big work into the world:  helping people integrate holistic living and technology.  She has been providing free yoga classes through her podcast Elsie's Yoga Class since 2006, and she is a co-host of a podcast about podcasting, The Feed.

So, how does she have time for a daily practice?

Elsie shares the first practice she started with, even with two little girls to care for, and why it's so important.  She also shares the other practices she's added into her routine and how she manages them with all her other activities.

Elsie shares how she stopped beating herself up for the practices she wasn't doing, and how she's made her whole life her practice.  Elsie also explains the simple practices she does with her kids to help them get grounded in their bodies so they can be more present and make better choices.

Elsie shows that starting small, where you are, and doing what you can makes all the difference in the world.