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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

May 20, 2014

Elena has done different daily practices since she was a teen, including exercise, yoga, inspirational ready and eating well. Even with that basis in place, things shifted when she become a mother.  There was this new person to focus her energy on, and she wasn't clear how to show up as this new version of herself and care for herself and her child at the same time.

She had already been coaching for many years, and was drawn to yoga to help her find her balance.  She started a yoga teacher training.  At first, she started with just 5 minutes of yoga in the morning.   And that gradually become 10 minutes.  She has gradually create a wonderful self-care ritual for herself that encompasses all aspects of her being - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Elena is now sharing her self-care rituals with other mamas so they can show up as this new version of themselves and still feel authentically themselves.  She beautifully describes how to start slowly and gently with creating a self-care routine and focusing on finding what works for you.  She emphasizes taking each step with love and compassion, and keeping your promises to yourself on these smaller actions so you can show up for yourself more fully each day.