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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Jan 14, 2015

In her early 20s, Claudia was going nonstop.  She was in college and working, regularly going two or three days without sleep.  Her body started breaking down and she got to the point where it took her 20 minutes to read one sentence.


She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and her life came to a standstill.  She used the scientific research skills she had developed in college and started looking for answers.  She discovered how her chronic stress contributed to her illness.


She found many, many ways to address stress, so she called on another skill she had developed during college - how to experiment. She took what she learned and created daily practices to bring them into her life.  Some worked and some didn’t, and she was able to gradually find her way back to full health and a blissful life.


Listen to Claudia’s story of what daily practices she used to reduce her stress level, how she she found what worked and what didn’t, and all the amazing changes she’s seen in her life.  Also check out Claudia’s separate recording of a breathing practice to help reduce stress.


In this interview, Claudia shares:

  • the details of her physical breakdown

  • the powerful stress reduction results she got from changing her diet

  • her simple summary of the food changes she made

  • how she shifted her attitude about stress

  • why she looks at inflammation as the first issue when addressing stress

  • a breathing practice to use anytime to reduce stress

  • how to look for stressors in your life

  • how her connection to her intuition changed as she went through this process

  • her best advice to start a daily practice to reduce stress

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