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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Feb 18, 2015

Chel was a sensitive kid. For awhile, she ran away from that sensitivity.  In her 20s, she found herself getting into trouble - partying too much, staying up too late.  She ended up severely depressed and facing major panic attacks.  


She tried journaling and meditation, but they didn’t help.  What did help was a micro practice - stopping to observe what she was thinking and feeling many, many times a day. And things started to shift.  She was able to develop more awareness and was eventually able to stop her panic attacks.  


Chel went on to learn hypnotherapy and uses it to help her stop the automatic negative responses and replace them with new, more positive patterns.  She is able to live her life in the calm, confident, loving way she wants.  Listen to her story of how she found her way, the practices she used (and continues to use), and how her life has been transformed.


And try her Rewire It! process, one of the key practices she shares with her hypnotherapy clients.  She has provided a recording and an ebook to help you learn the technique.


In this interview, Chel shares:

  • the two daily practices she used to deal with her panic attacks

  • how she became a hypnotherapist (despite her initial skepticism)

  • how our subconscious can stop us from making the changes we know we want

  • how hypnotherapy help you change your behavior

  • the importance of shifting your story

  • one of her all time favorite practices

  • her #1 suggestion for getting unstuck

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