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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Mar 4, 2015

Caren had a long history of depression.  During college, she kept very busy and her depression was lessened.  After graduating, she got a new job, moved to a new city and started a new relationship.


Even with all that, she had more time to stop and reflect and her depression came back.  One night, she contemplated suicide. The next day, she went to a doctor and started taking Zoloft.  While it helped with her depression, she felt anxious, nauseated, and she couldn’t sleep.


She wanted to find a way to feel better without taking drugs, so she started doing yoga.  She noticed a difference, and she continued to practice.  There were some parts of her experience that yoga wasn’t shifting, so she starting meditating as well. The combination was exactly what she needed.  She was eventually able to stop taking her medication and fully recover from her depression.


Listen to her story of how she worked with both yoga and meditation to heal herself, her favorite mantra to shift her mindset and the current challenge she is facing.  Also try her guided meditation to clear the mind of worries and activate trust.


In this interview, Caren shares:

  • the simple breathing technique that helped her sleep

  • how her first daily practice before yoga and meditation was shifting her mindset

  • the role her dog Willow played in her healing

  • how she decided to do a yoga teacher training

  • why her practice has shifted now more towards meditation and less towards yoga

  • why she meditates with her fiance

  • what she considers the greatest accomplishment of her life

  • the challenge she’s facing now and how her practices are supporting her

  • her best advice for starting a daily practice

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