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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Nov 19, 2014

Bridget had a regular daily practice for years.  With her professional background in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy healing as well as her devotion to her own spiritual path, she experimented with a wide variety of spiritual practices.


She struggled with the effects of an acrimonious divorce and adrenal fatigue.  Then one day, she got an intuitive hit that she needed to go to Cape Town.  At first, she thought is was just for a holiday, but as she got closer, she realized she was supposed to move there.  She got rid of most of her belongings and put the rest in storage in London.  And off she went to Cape Town even though she thought she was crazy.


She wasn’t crazy after all.  She regained her health, meet her soul partner and wrote a novel.  And before, during and after the transition, her practices changed to support her.  She continued some practices, dropped others, and added new ones.  All throughout, her practices were able to support her throughout the process.


Listen to Bridget share about her transformation, how her daily practices evolved with her, and where her practices are taking her now.