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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Dec 31, 2014

Bailey started with a twice weekly yoga practice.  She was dedicated to it, because she needed it to survive her busy life as a burnt out therapist working 70 hour a week.


She wanted to shift her business from working in person to working with people online.  As she shifted her business, she reevaluated everything about her life, including her morning routine.  She experimented with different activities, fine tuning what she did until she felt grounded and ready for her day.


But that wasn’t enough.  When she found herself working on her computer late every night, she experimented again - this time with her evening routine.  She played around with both routines, finding a way to create bookends for her best possible day.

Listen to Bailey’s story of how she went from using daily practices to survive to how she she uses them now to create her ideal life one day at a time and thrive.