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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Nov 5, 2014

Andrew learned tai chi fifteen years ago.  He learned the whole form thoroughly, but he was busy with his life as a teacher, and he practiced haphazardly for more than a decade.  


He also started his own website in 1994, blogging on a wide variety of topics that inspired him.  When he committed to practicing 100 days of Tai Chi in 2006, it only seemed natural to blog every day about his experience.  He did a few 100 days cycles, blogging the whole time.


Then, three years ago, Andrew saw some of his old blog posts from his 100 day challenges and decided to start practicing tai chi every day, this time committing for a full year.  He added in other practices as he felt inspired, and he blogged about his experience.


At the time of the interview, Andrew had completed 2 years and 220 days of his practices and blogging about it.  Listen to his story of how his daily practices have changed his life and how blogging has added to his experience.