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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Oct 22, 2014

Amy had been seeing various gratitude practices and challenges going around social media.  When a friend started the 100 Happy Days Challenge (take a photo of something that made you happy for 100 days), she was intrigued.  


She went to the website, and decided to do it.  It felt doable to her.  She was already taking and posting photos every day, and her schedule looked very stable for the next 100 days, so she dove in.


She found that the challenge really did shift her viewpoint from what she didn’t like in a situation to what she did.  It wasn’t just the 5 minutes it took to take the photo and post it to social media.  She found herself noticing what was making her happy throughout her day.


Hear Amy’s story of how this practice has changed her life and her experience of daily practice.  Amy will be back with short follow up interviews so you can hear how her experience with this practice changes over time.