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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

May 6, 2015

Amelía was a busy, successful entrepreneur when she met a couple from Japan during a business event. She felt a strong connection to them, so when they asked if she’d like to meditate with them, she gave it a try.  


Because of the language barrier, they would mostly sit together in silence. Amelía wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but she felt herself changing. After the meditations, the couple would teach her more about what was happening.


After 10 years, she experienced a big breakthrough.  She became clear that she wanted to share more of what she had learned and continued to discover.  She gradually shifted her business activities to make this practice the exclusive focus of her work in the world.


Listen to Amelía’s story of what this practice has given her personally, her life purpose that she has discovered with this practice, and how she is building a business to share this work with the world.


And be sure to check out her recorded meditation practice so you can experience this meditation for yourself.

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