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Simple Daily Practice Radio with Peggy Freeh

Sep 9, 2014

When Alexia was 30, her mother suddenly died of cancer, and her life spun out of control.  She had focused her own life choices around what was best for her mother, and with her mother gone, she lost her center.  She fell down a dark hole and had no idea how to get out.


She tried many different practices, looking for the ones that were most effective for her.  Some helped a little.  Others were major turning points for her.  She didn’t have any plan or guidance. She followed her intuition and just kept trying different practices until she found what worked best for her.


Alexia shares deeply about one of the most significant breakthroughs for her, Head Trash Clearing, a method she created based on Reflective Repatterning.  She describes what it’s like to do, how it helps her, and how she uses it in her day to day life.  She gives some startling examples of the results she’s had with the technique, and why she started a company to share this work with the world.


Alexia admits that she tried many practices that didn’t provide much benefit for her, but she continues to explore and practice, always inspired to find a new, more efficient way to help her live a happier, more fulfilled life.